Stephen Bramley, (Born 25 October, 1996), under the name oilsoundbob, joined the MorphMedia Studios team as a Content Producer in 2014 after working for Oilsound Gaming with current MorphMedia Content Producer Oliver Winspear who joined shortly after, his current Minecraft Character is named Oilsoundbob.


Stephen, the builder, the adventurer, the technician – Joining Shapeshift in 2014, Stephen’s impressive Tekkit knowledge and (sometimes) skilful no scopes make his videos a touch amusing and unmissable. Word around town is that something is going on between him and Jake, but if he asks we said nothing!




  • "On a scale of one to ten, how good is {Name Heres} Ass?"
  • "Fuck Me!"
  • "You gotta beat your wood"


  • Due to Jake and Stephen being seen together in most collaborative series, they have been dubbed as the Minecraft Couple.

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